Nature Canvas Wildlife Painting Art

$16/Piece Minimum Quantity - 1

Brand NAAG
Size H 18" x W 24" H 24" x W 30" H 24" x W 36" H 36" x W 48" H 48" x W 60" H 60" x W 72"
Image Type Nature
Finish MATTE
Brand NAAG
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Product Specification

Brand NAAG
Size H 18″ x W 24″ H 24″ x W 30″ H 24″ x W 36″ H 36″ x W 48″ H 48″ x W 60″ H 60″ x W 72″
Image Type Nature
Finish MATTE
Type Printed
Material CANVAS
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece

Product Description

Modern Art – This piece of New Anjani Art Gallery canvas print is printed on Polyester Cotton Canvas fabric, hand-picked for each design for desired output. It is built to absorb machine print ink & brings a glorious visual once done. Digital printers we use are for fine art reproduction & our Inks are only Oil based for that gorgeous finish.

Additional Information

Item Code NAAG810
Delivery Time 5-7DAYS
Production Capacity 1000
Packaging Details STANDARD PACKING

Product Image

Nature Canvas Wildlife Painting Art
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